Everlasting Gifts from the Sea

of Awaji Island

Premium Seaweed Salt

Produced by TaDa PHILOSOPHY, INC.


A Gift from the Sea

Moshio is salt derived from seawater and seaweed like sargassum. The beige-tinted salt, rich in minerals from seawater and seaweed, has mild flavor, aroma, and umami derived from seaweed that not only set it apart from rock- or sun-dried salt but also gain popularity for Moshio as all-natural health food.



Rich and Flavorful Moshio Premium

The ingredients are simple: 100% Awaji-shima seawater and seaweed. Simplicity of ingredients makes for profound flavor. While manufacturing methods vary today, the finest in our Awaji-shima Moshio is MOSHIO of AWAJI-ISLAND PREMIUM, which continues to favor the time-tested traditional method of devoting time and labor in almost all handmade processes.


Awaji Island

From Mythic Origin
to Food Treasure House

Largest of the Seto Inland Sea islands, Awaji Island(Awaji-shima) is surrounded on all four sides by ocean. It is referenced in Japan’s creation myth as the first to be born among the archipelago islands and grew to be known as purveyor of many varied foodstuffs to the imperial court from ancient times. Since then, it is known for being a rich treasure house of fresh seafood, livestock, vegetables, and fruit.



of Awaji Island


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Moshio is rated highly by many renowned chefs for its natural saltiness, slight seaweed flavor, and distinctly profound umami. It works well in a wide array of dishes, from accompaniment with cold tofu and seasoning for steak, for yakitori chicken skewers, and for grilled fish to use in sushi rice and rice balls. The possibilities are endless. Its mild flavor also works well for use in salted desserts, which have been trending, as well as an umami infuser.

Salt-crusted sea bream


Lean Angus beefsteak: rare rump bone part

Sushi: white squid, ark shell, cockles

Futomaki (a thick roll of sushi wrapped in seaweed)

Edamame: Moshio sprinkled on just-boiled edamame

Tofu: Moshio, with olive oil drizzled on top (with chopped green onion and ginger for garnish)

Deep-fried vegetables: eggplant, green pepper, king oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, green beans

Baguette (with anchovies, capers, black olives, fried garlic, or Parmigiano-Reggiano): Moshio and olive oil drizzled on top

Grilled seasonal vegetables (broccoli, red pepper, Manganji pepper, kintoki carrot, wasabina)

Vanilla ice cream: served with Moshio and matcha