Privacy Policy

Tada Philosophy, Inc. (hereinafter, “Tada Philosophy”) recognizes that the personal information of customers is entrusted to Tada Philosophy by the customer’s own volition for use for a specific purpose due to their trust of Tada Philosophy, and that the secure storage of such personal information and its use with respect for the will of the customer are top priorities in management.
Tada Philosophy has established the following policy regarding the handling of personal information based on this recognition, and shall endeavor to handle the information obtained from customers appropriately.

About the Handling of Personal Information

(Compliance with Laws, etc.)
1. When handling personal information (Information which can be used to identify an individual. The same shall apply hereinafter.), Tada Philosophy shall comply with the obligations prescribed by laws and Cabinet guidelines concerning personal information security such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as with this policy.
(Use within the Scope of Purposes of Use)
2. Tada Philosophy shall only handle personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified in advance, except in cases when the individual’s consent was obtained in advance, or when permitted by law.
(Collection of Personal Information)
3. Tada Philosophy shall endeavor to disclose the purposes of use, extent of joint users, and necessary information such as contact persons, etc., and obtain the consent of the individual before handling personal information. Furthermore, Tada Philosophy may make written or audio records of the contents of any transactions or communications.
(Personal Information of Customers Under 15)
4. In the event of the possibility of obtaining personal information from a customer under the age of 15, Tada Philosophy shall take special care regarding the handling of personal information, such as identifying that a guardian has provided consent, etc., before obtaining information.
(Security Measures)
5. Tada Philosophy shall establish and revise as required all necessary and appropriate security measures that meet the current state of the art in order to maintain personal information in its possession accurate and up to date with the scope of the purposes of use, and to prevent the unauthorized access, leaking, tampering, destruction, or damaging, etc., thereof.
(Supervision of Outsources)
6. Tada Philosophy may outsource the handling of personal information it has collected to third parties within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use. These third parties shall be selected after confirming that a sufficient level of security regarding the handling of personal information is in place, and necessary and appropriate supervision shall be performed by means of contracts, etc.
(Provision to Third Parties)
7. Tada Philosophy shall not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual, except when permitted by law. Furthermore, Tada Philosophy uses an opt-out system (Act on the Protection of Personal Information Article 23, Section 2), and does not provide personal information to third parties.
(Responding to Feedback and Consultations)
8. Tada Philosophy shall respond to feedback and inquiries regarding the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use (introduction of products and services), deletion, or other such handling of personal information as appropriate in accordance with legal provisions. Please contact the contact information indicated by the company to which you provided your personal information.
(Continuous Improvement of Internal Systems)
9. Tada Philosophy shall endeavor to continuously enhance and improve its internal systems, including revision of this policy, by means such as appointing a personal information manager, establishing internal regulations, educating executives and staff, and conducting suitable internal auditing, etc., in order to manage the personal information in its possession appropriately.
Tada Philosophy, Inc.
President & CEO
Yoshitsugu Tada