Q. How does Moshio differ from regular salt?
A. Among different types of salt—sea salt, rock salt from mountains, lake salt—Moshio stands out as being seaweed salt. Sea salt (the most common type in Japan) has only seawater components, whereas Moshio, derived from seawater and seaweed, contains elements of both. Umami factors of seaweed are very popular with many professional chefs.
Q. What kinds of dishes can Moshio be used for?
A. Seaweed umami brings out a dish’s flavors, so Moshio contains seaweed’s rich sweetness and is great for many kinds of dishes and uses, as follows:

Sprinkle on: Grilled fish, yakiniku barbecue, yakitori chicken skewers
For dipping: Tempura, tofu, steak, etc.

Sushi and other Japanese dishes
Soup stock, vinegared sushi rice, pickles, pickled plums, rice balls

For broth of salt-based ramen noodle soup

Grilled foods
Yakiniku barbecue, grilled fish, yakitori chicken skewers

Food preparation
Seasoning (fish, meat, etc.)

Also for salads, with tofu, gyoza dumplings, making noodles (soba, somen, udon, etc.)
French, Italian, Chinese cuisines, baking, desserts
Bread, baguettes
Q. Is Moshio still good when solidified?
A. It may solidify, depending on humidity and way of storage, so gently knead to loosen before use.
Q. How do the various Moshio salts differ?
A. Our Moshio lineup includes PREMIUM Moshio series (created by salt makers over a span of approximately four days); MOSHIO of Awaji-Island Premium; Tsubu Moshio (in big crystals and great as toppings, dipping salt, and in grilled dishes);
Stand pack (80g); Bottle (32g, 50g);
Industrial use (500g, 1kg, 5kg)

Setouchi no Moshio series (reasonably priced version made from Seto Inland Sea seawater)
Setouchi no Moshio TN 1kg; Setouchi no Moshio DRY 2 1kg (for general preparation, ramen broth, topping for yakitori chicken skewers, yakiniku barbecue, etc.).
We offer a wide array of variations.

Moshio, with characteristic light brown hue, is popular for its slight seaweed taste and umami resulting from concentrated flavors of seawater and seaweed. From Awaji-shima, aka Miketsu-Kuni—food supplier to the imperial court—we deliver to customers in all fields our quality Moshio created by skilled salt makers with utmost care and love. We hope customers of all ages enjoy our Moshio in a variety of foods and cooking contexts.